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There's several elements here that is making your character appear lifeless. First, notice how the arms, eyes, and everything else appears symmetrical. These elements are called ''twins''. Unlike the Mary Kate and Ashley variety; these ''twins'' should be avoided at all costs.

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Great attention to shadows here. Unfortunately, the size of the image feels like an afterthought to the overall work. Try drawing this on a ridiculously vertical canvas, like a 11x72. Frank Miller once said that drawing is nothing, but format is everything.

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Waveloop responds:

The image was croped to be more browser friendly.

I admire the branches and leaves on this. Work on the silhouette of the figure. Don't just depend solely on outlines and details alone. Use negative space as well; just like the Russian Constructivists do.

Work on the silhouette; Its too chunky. The details are way overdone here and lack focus. Think about how buff and strong the character needs to be in order to wear something this heavy.

LuisEC responds:

Buff character wasn't what they asked for, and overdesigned is exactly the aim of these mecha character suits. The smallest shapes were kept to a minimum, and color/value contrast is used to have the face as a clear and obvious focus.

The hat should fly further to the left. Also, I feel that there's too much going on. Try to be as minimalist as possible. You have this amazing sky in the background, so make that the center of our attention. As David Fincher would say, "Its not what do you do; it's what don't you do" that will ultimately define your style.

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The distortion on the devil really makes this one special. Truly exceptional work.

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks a bunch :)

Love the composition, but be careful with the background so that it does not steal too much attention away from the characters.

Great job on the effects. The contrast should be worked on a bit more since the girl is blending too much with the background.

Miatriss responds:

Um... It was intended оÐz

If memory serves me right, I recall myself commenting on how you should do a lot more skeletons. Two reasons: portfolio reviewers love them and 2, it shows your ability to draw figure anatomy.
Great to see that my advice has been helpful.

pretty good, but be gentle next time

love the detail on the neo geo. i see you omitted the joystick so we can see the hands. speaking of hands, the fingers are way too angular for mai. make her hands rounder and delicate. you have a lot of power in your outlines, but learn to soften it up. try drawing with a soft lead such as a 4b or 8b pencil.

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